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An anime fanlisting aims to gather as many fans of a particular anime and/or manga subject from all over the world in just one list. The network's website is currently located at http://www.animefanlistings.com.

About Kokoro

[kokoro // heart] Kokoro is the fanlisting for the character Nakago of the anime and manga series Fushigi Yuugi, also known in other versions as Mysterious Play, Mysterious Game and Curious Play. The series is a Yuu Watase creation, she who is also the talent behind Ayashi no Ceres and Imadoki, among others.

Fushigi Yuugi is basically a shoujo [girl] anime and manga series about the adventures of Miaka Yuuki, a cheerful, gluttonous Japanese junior high school student. One day, she and her friend Yui Hongou discover a book called Shi Jin Tenchi Sho or "The Universe of the Four Gods," which transports them into a magical world similar to Ancient China, where many adventures and challenges await them.

Nakago is one of the primary driving forces of Fushigi Yuugi, and arguably the most feared anti-hero of the original manga and television series. He is the shogun of Kutou, one of the four countries in the Universe of the Four Gods, and leader of the Seiryuu Shichi Seishi, the seven star warriors of Kutou's dragon-god of war.

About Nakago

Seishi Name :: Nakago ["Heart's Lodging"]
Real Name :: Ayuru Gi
Star Pattern :: Scorpio
Birthdate :: November 17
Birthplace :: Unknown
Age :: 25
Height :: 193 cm [6í4"]
Family :: Mother--Matuta,deceased and Father--Koyuu,deceased [both appeared in the novel Seiran Den]
Hair Color :: Blonde
Eye Color :: Blue
Blood Type :: Unknown
Seishi Power :: Using Chi [life-energy] in various ways
Character :: "kokoro" - Heart
Location of Character :: Center of forehead
Interests :: Torturing others

Nakago is a Seiryuu Seishi and the first of the protectors dedicated to Seiryuu No Miko, Yui. Nakago is a Shogun (Army General) for Kutou Country and holds two-thirds of Kutouís military power. He first appears when he discovers two men trying to rape Yui, who had just arrived in the book world. Yui was unconscious, but he killed the men who were attacking her, and took her to the palace. Here, Nakago lies to Yui, telling her that she had been raped, and convinced her to become Seiryuu No Miko. Nakago then became her main Seishi protector and advisor.

He is very calm, ruthless, and cruel. He knows exactly what he wants, and the precise methods to achieve the ends of his goals. He takes no useless actions, he only does strictly what is needed to succeed. Nakago only acts for personal benefit, never doing anything for anyone but himself. However, Nakago is very perceptive and intelligent, and excellent at manipulating other people.

He is extremely knowledgeable, always knowing everything about enemy or ally, and exactly how to benefit from it. Never caught unprepared, Nakago is always one step ahead of the action, continuously plotting and planning. Because his plans are so cleverly conceived, things almost always go in the direction he wants. Nakago takes all circumstances into consideration, looking at things from all sides, and decides how to cover every possible outcome. Though Nakago has no use for people or their closeness, he is incredibly insightful to behaviors and emotions.

Nakago had a horrifying past, the main reason he wants revenge against everything and everyone. Nakago was born to the Hin race, a strange people to the West with the racial characteristics of blond hair and blue eyes. Hin people were considered filth and were hated by all, but the child Nakago, then, could not understand the blind discrimination. The Emperor eventually ordered the genocide of all Hin people, and soldiers were sent out to destroy them. The then-ten-year-old Nakago could only stare as he and his mother were attacked. When his mother was being brutally raped by soldiers, Nakagoís powers awakened, and in a flash he burned five soldiers and his mother to death.

In a catatonic state, Nakago was taken to the palace and presented to the Emperor, who took a special liking to him and decided to keep Nakago with him. The Emperor sexually abused the young boy, taking Nakago to bed with him and raping him several times. Nakago grew up with hatred and revenge in his heart, and longed to destroy the earth and heavens that gave him a hellish existence. Nakago increased his powers, preparing for the time when Seiryuu No Miko would come, so he could use one of her wishes. What Nakago wishes for is unlimited power and everlasting life as a god, so he can carry out his revenge on the world.

Nakago is determined to use his destiny as a Seiryuu Seishi to its fullest extent, utilizing his incredible powers and sharp mind for the purpose of fulfilling his greatest ambition for the world.