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An anime fanlisting aims to gather as many fans of a particular anime and/or manga subject from all over the world in just one list. The network's website is currently located at

Miracle is the fanlisting for the character Ruka Tsuchiya of the anime and manga series Shoujo Kakumei Utena (also known as Revolutionary Girl Utena or La Filette Revolutionaire), a Chiho Saito brainchild. Ruka appears in episodes 28 and 29 of the anime, and is known as the former captain of Ohtori Academy's fencing club before Juri Arisugawa took the title. As such, his fate is deeply intertwined with Juri's and the storyline in the aforementioned episodes are told mostly from her point of view.

Miracle has been online since 26 August 2017. The site name is in reference to Ruka's zealous quest for "the power of miracles"--not, ultimately, for himself, but for the one he loved.


"Listen, can't you hear it? If your soul has not truly given'll be able to hear this sound...running about the Ends of the World."

First Name :: Ruka (Precious stone, fruit)
Surname :: Tsuchiya (Soil, valley)
Eyes :: Violet
Hair :: Purple/lavender
School :: Ohtori Academy
Grade :: 11
Positions :: Duelist, former captain Ohtori Academy fencing club
Duel Chorus :: Tenshi Androgynous ("The Angel Androgynous")
Seiyuu :: Nozomu Sasaki (Yuusuke Urameshi, Yuu Yuu Hakusho; Nagi Naoe, Weiss Kreuz)

Ruka did not appear in the anime until The Ohtori Akio Saga, and when he did appear, it was only for two episodes: Whispering in the Dark (28) and Azure Paler Than the Sky (29). Long before, however, he was a duelist and the captain of Ohtori Academy's fencing team before Juri Arisugawa. It turned out that he was the one who taught Juri her now excellent fencing skills. He had left the school due to a serious illness, but returned seemingly recuperated.

He defeats Juri in a fencing match, and proceeds to reassume his old roles in the school. He manages to make Juri jealous by dating Shiori Takatsuki. What follows is a strange love triangle, tension, clashing motives and numerous duels--with Ruka in a blind, zealous quest to win "the power of miracles."

Although Ruka appeared for only two (2) episodes, he had made a great impact on the lives of various characters, with Juri, Shiori and Utena Tenjou on top of the list. The conclusion of his time--in more ways than one--is arguably one of the most beautifully heart-rending moments in the series.

"There must be someone he loved in the Fencing Club...he was always saying he wanted to give the power of miracles to the one he loved, and that he wanted to free her."


The first version of Miracle features two images of Ruka Tsuchiya, in contrasting moods - one smiling and the other pensive/serious - and juxtaposed with one another. Both are anime screen captures.

Version name is also the title of Ruka's duel chorus, Tenshi Androgynous or "The Angel Androgynous," hence the character's ethereal aura and the stained glass effect. Layout pieced together using Adobe Photoshop. HTML coded with Notepad.

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